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Royal and Derngate Theatres

& New Wolsey Theatre

“A miniature Christmas miracle”

THE TIMES - Sam Marlowe

“Electrifying performances light up a glittering New York Christmas story in this warm-hearted, tuneful two-hander...Tim Jackson’s sprightly direction, culminating in a great sight gag in a Chinese restaurant, keeps the relationship with romcom sentimentality always more curt than Curtis.”

THE GUARDIAN - Mark Lawson

“warmth, wit and a sense of wonder...Tim Jackson's well-judged production”

WHATSONSTAGE - Michael Davies

“Jim Barne and Kit Buchan have written a classic Christmas romance enhanced by a confident production...Tim Jackson’s direction is sure-footed “

THE OBSERVER - Clare Brennan

“Director Tim Jackson gives each character plenty of time to dwell on their feelings, with slow, tender moments emerging organically from the comedic rush"

THE STAGE - Dave Fargnoli

"It is rare to see a brand-new piece whereby the story, music and staging work completely harmoniously...Tim Jackson's direction is fast-moving and detailed...'Tis the season for a knockout new musical - joyful and refreshing"


"This production arrives fully formed and confident in its very strong story and musical arcs. Under Jackson’s masterly direction, by the end of the show the audience is totally invested in this couple’s tale."



"Tim Jackson’s effortlessly integrated choreography."

NEW YORK TIMES – Ben Brantley

on Merrily We Roll Along

“the show builds neatly to its can-do, feelgood, tap-dancing finale…when they do finally dance, you want to dance too.”

THE GUARDIAN - Lyn Gardner - on Stepping Out

"There’s really strong choreography from Tim Jackson, culminating in a fantastic routine for Pet Shop Boys’ What Have I Done to Deserve This. It’s one of the best moments of the show"

THE STAGE - Tim Bano

on Dusty

"Superbly choreographed Pierrots, adds to the fairy tale unworldliness"

THE STAGE - Scott Matthewman

on The Roar Of The Greasepaint The Smell Of The Crowd

"Tim Jackson’s high-energy choreography whizzes pleasurably through the decades"

THE TIMES - Sam Marlowe

on Dusty

"Tim Jackson's inventive staging of the numbers, particularly the football matches, are a highlight."

Whatsonstage - David Phipps-Davis

on The Beautiful Game

“the Chorus Line-style finale cannot fail to leave you with a smile on your face”


on Stepping Out

“Flying high about the storyline, Tim Jackson’s choreography is a welcomed addition of brilliance”

GAY TIMES - Jordan Priestley

on Stepping Out

"choreographed with cheeky wit by Tim Jackson" 


on The Secret Diary Of Adiran Mole Aged 13¾

"Much of the credit also belongs to Tim Jackson’s deliciously comic choreography. Jackson performs feats of ingenious creativity…making physically manifest the most obscure jokes in the score, but never losing their subtlety."


on The Kissing Dance

"Against the fizz of Tim Jackson’s high-octane choreography, Kingsley’s Springfield stands still, cutting poses with the utmost of presence and poise."

VARIETY - Matt Truman on Dusty

"An early number, Skid Row, is a bracing, acerbic howl of resentment from the underclass"

THE TIMES - Sam Marlowe

on Little Shop Of Horrors

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